2008 Conference


2008 Conference

September 26th, 2008

Thanks to those who made it along to the conference. It was a constructive 2 days during which we enjoyed healthy debate about the place Philosophy will take in the New Zealand Curriculum. One of the positive outcomes of the conference was the formation of a work-group, which will research and develop an essence statement. This statement will describe Philosophy’s unique attributes and show how learners will benefit from its placing as self contained subject area.
We are looking forward to moving ahead and establishing Philosophy in the curriculum.


2008 NZ Secondary Philosophy Conference

Philosophy In Our Secondary Schools

25 to 26 September 2008

Thistle Hall, 293 Cuba St, Central Wellington

Cost: NZ$40 (unwaged) to NZ$80 (Waged)

Conference outline

  • to review the status of philosophy in NZ secondary schools
  • to examine a philosophy matrix for Yrs 11/12/13
  • continue development of a consistent approach to philosophy teaching

The conference includes the NZ Association of Philosophy Teachers AGM

Philosophy, the home of thinking